As a service to our community, GATECO Development and The Gatesworth Communities are partnering with a non-profit organization, North Grand Neighborhood Services (NGNS), which seeks to build affordable housing in the North St. Louis community.

The project that we are involved in is called the Solomon Projects. We are building a house at 3633 Garfield Avenue with the support of our subcontractors and suppliers to provide affordable housing to those who need it; made possible through volunteer laborers, financial contributions and donated building materials.

We are volunteering our services as general contractor to coordinate and construct this house so that it may be sold with assistance to a selected needy family within the community. We see this as a great opportunity to assist in revitalization of a community and provide housing to those in need. We will follow this project from beginning to completion.
“It is a rewarding experience to see the fruits of our labor when the new home owner moves in,” said one of the volunteers.

GATECO would like to thank all of our subcontractors and suppliers that have generously donated their time, materials and services to this worthy cause of assisted others in need.

And special thanks to:

• Waddell Concrete
• John Bender Drywall
• P&A Supply
• JDS Masonry
• Reed Electric


• Behlman Builders
• JH Berra
• Allen Roofing
• Kirchner Brick & Block


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